Project Kilimanjaro – Step 1: Still On the Ground Level

We love projects, calculating, budgeting and planning future trips (be it to the nearest 7/11 for a beer run or traveling to an exotic, spider infested hell hole for a “fun” hike). So, being practically broke, and having just enough money to survive until next year, we have now started planning our next great adventure: we want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Not recommended…

First, I need to make one thing clear: we are not good climbers. We have  climbed on a volcano in Bali in a group and with the help of a guide, finished several zip line adventure tracks, tried rock climbing and hiked in jungles and rain forests, but no, we have never climbed thousands of meters above the sea level just because.

Second, we have no money, whatsoever, to do this.

Third, although I am currently training for a marathon (we’ll see about that), we are in no shape for climbing several days in a row.

Mt. Batur, 2014

At the moment, all we know is that it’ll take at least 5000€ per person (which we don’t have), at least two weeks including flights (which will be impossible to organize anytime soon) and a ton of preparing (naturally, this means shopping for new hiking boots which means we’ll have to go to Decathlon which’ll blow half of our budget at least), including conquering the mountains in Taipei and rest of Taiwan to gradually get into shape and get experienced and confident enough to do it.

So, as we stand facing this massive (a mountain high, haha..) and maybe impossible task, the only way is up. We’ll keep you updated 😉


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