It’s Okay, I’m a Nurse!


As I started heading back to Taipei two days ago, although a bit sleep deprived, I was still taking fresh looking and smiley selfies to send to my friends and post to Facebook. 24 hours later, I arrived to our Taipei home, stinky, tired, jet lagged and looking like I had just been to an epic journey… to a junk yard. My ankles were swollen, the dark circles under my eyes made me look like a raccoon and I was soaking wet from dragging my stuff from the taxi to our 5th floor apartment. But none of this really mattered, since I was home 🙂

No 1. Lounge at Heathrow airport.

My first flight took me from Helsinki to London, Heathrow airport. As I sat down on my isle seat (always the isle, never window), a young British man still standing started passing his stuff to his window seat, aiming the seat with his water bottle, magazine and headphones, them basically flying over my head. All of a sudden, he said “I’m sorry for throwing things at you”, to which I replied “It’s okay, I’m used to it, I’m a nurse”. He looked at me a bit weird and didn’t talk to me for the rest of the flight. Mission accomplished!

That being said, I didn’t intentionally avoid talking to anyone on my way home, but somehow the next person (after that security guy in Heathrow who strip searched my hand luggage) I talked to was this insanely talkative taxi driver (called Sam) in Taipei. Although I was able to actually have something you might even call a conversation with him, I must say my skill to complimentary nodding and saying yes even though I have no idea what the other person is saying is still well and alive. However, this time I was called for it a couple of times, and Sam the driver was nice enough to really try and explain things to me.

As nothing more spectacular happened to me on my way home (I was on time, flights were on time, I didn’t get lost, my stuff didn’t get lost), it’s best I stop here and go for a nap. Also, I think maybe I should try and make sure I have everything I need tomorrow when the school starts (who the hell starts school on Saturday??? Couldn’t they wait two more days??). I’ll leave the amount of dust and bugs waiting for me when I opened the apartment door to your imagination…

PS: It’s raining here, who would’ve guessed?

PPS: I had an awesome summer in Finland, thank you, everyone involved ❤


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