We believe in budgeting

In the post about micro projects, we mentioned budgeting. When we planned our trip around the world, we made a rough estimation on how much we’d spend, and we did it again. And again… and again. As frustrating as it was, it really, I repeat, really helped us to make ends meet on the road.

And like a dream that repeats itself, the budgeting. Has. Begun. Again!

Here is the new spreadsheet the engineer made earlier today. It includes an estimation of our monthly budget, and calculations on the flights, as well. When I asked him which sources he used to check the flight prices, he directed me to Google Flights. Apparently he really doesn’t even bother using anything else anymore. I feel like a caveman now, I used Skyscanner some time ago (gasps in shock again), although to me it seems to work just fine.

An update: The engineer just told me he actually only uses Google Flights for checking the prices, and uses the good old Skyscanner for booking them.

Flights for the next year ish, plus accommodation, food, clothes, internet, laundry, alcohol, transportation, co-working space, and activities per month, in euros.


However, no matter which sources you use, use all the information available, and make an estimation how much you’ll spend. We always tend to pretend we’ll only stay in the most expensive hotels and fly instead or trains or buses, that way we can avoid unpleasant surprises of our average daily expenses exceeding the budget too often. Extra tip: when flying, book round trips as often as possible, they can be literally a ton cheaper than one way!

Have fun doing the math! And remember, the amount you think you’ll spend, is the amount you’ll need to save!

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