The Nurse and the Engineer


Hi there,

And thanks for finding us! Since you got this far, how about you got to know us a bit better?

We are a Finnish couple, a nurse (the “I” in our social media) and an engineer (AKA the enginerd).

In early December 2016, we packed our bags, quit our jobs and hit the road.


As we had practiced living abroad before on a 6 month trip around the world, we had this crazy faith in ourselves and us as a a couple, to be able to conquer the world. And, to be honest, why not? So far, we have 30+ countries between us (and counting), we’ve ran both a half and a full marathon together (and both times finished hand in hand), and finished a triathlon. We’ve traveled around the world and are currently living in Taiwan. Oh, did I mention we’re also very modest?

Although we have been to many, many places, Finland will always stay as our home base. As there are so many other Finns coming and going, we also have started a little project where we introduce other Finnish travel bloggers. Join us here 🙂

You can follow the story here in our blog, or find more ways to know us better in the Contact Us page.

Join us on the road!

PS: Yes, occasionally, we are giving advice. However, common sense is and will always be your best friend. We are not a professional travel agency. We cannot guarantee the links are not expired, or that the information given by us or a third party is currently accurate. We will only tell what has worked for us and how we did it.

PPS: Unless said otherwise, all the photos here have been taken by one of us, please be nice and do not share them without a permission. Even better, travel far and take your own ♥


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