Day 84: Bye Bye Bangkok, Hello Home!



Flowers at the Grand Palace.

It’s been nearly three months since we left Finland at the beginning of September. We’ve been travelling by air, rivers and land, slept in luxury condominiums, cheap hotels, on trains and at one Hilton. We’ve been to mountains, jungle and cities. We’ve encountered snakes, spiders, a ton of roaches and countless cats and dogs. And two pigs, too 🙂

You can find pretty decent Airbnb’s in Bangkok.

We haven’t been too sick, only visited an ER once and haven’t lost anything but a pair of shorts and one tank top. We have burned through all our savings and maxed out our credit cards.

The Grand Palace.
The Grand Palace.

Qatar, China, Tibet, Thailand, Laos, Taiwan and Cambodia. After hundreds of adventures, swimming in a waterfall, eating lunch surrounded by hundreds of butterflies, watching the sun rise from behind the towers of Angkor Wat, sitting on a train for 36 hours and visiting a Disney World, it has finally come the time for us to go home.

At Iconsiam, a huge, huge luxury mall in Bangkok.
Siam Discovery.
At MBK Centre.

We have met so many, so awesome people, and were lucky and happy to have a third Finn join us for Cambodia and Bangkok. We have also met people we didn’t like too much, Finns and foreigners alike, but I don’t wanna waste your time by telling more about them 😦

A great trip gets epic with good friends!
This is us…
…the whole trip, TBH.

We left Finland exactly 2 years ago to explore Taiwan. Since then, we’ve been sort of living in two countries, working to save money, travelling and sharing our experiences.  Now we’re heading to Finland to start a new life, with new jobs and a new home. It will be an adventure in its own right and will allow us to make shorter and more inclusive trips in the future. One in our minds is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, a project we started mentally preparing for over a year ago. Stay tuned for more adventures!

Christmas decorations at Siam Paragon, another mall for crazy rich Asians.
Bye bye, Bangkok!

PS: We have been to Helsinki for one day now, been to sauna twice, bought gym memberships, eaten and slept and admired the darkness and cold and how horrible they are when your winter clothes are not in the same city with you 😦

PPS: There will be more 🙂


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