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Hi there,

as it’s been a very, very long time since this blog was active, I’m assuming to reach one to three readers with this post. Since our last one, a lot of very, very good things have happened, so it’s time to get back here to share our adventures with all three of you (you know who you are.) If you’ve found this page by accident and aren’t sure what the hell is going on, check out our little introduction here. Basically, it’s just a Finnish couple trying to survive in Taiwan and learn some Chinese while at it…

Welcome back to follow us on our journey to finding ourselves, exploring wonders of the world and sharing all that with you guys!


While we were on a break from sharing our glorious and not so glorious moments, a lot of things happened, and we visited oh so many places. We took new challenges, met new people and found new goals.

The enginerd is soon going to school to study Chinese! We’re participating a marathon this weekend! We’re running not only on tracks, but out of money! We have seen our first huge spiders here! (Apparently “wingspan of 100 cm” isn’t exactly an accurate way to describe them, or so I’ve been told.)

I decided to continue my Chinese studies at MTC, and will start my Master’s studies in Taipei next fall, instead.  Oh and I no longer play PokemonGo (my latest addiction being Google maps contributions).

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Since we moved to our new home in New Taipei City, we have made friends with our neighbourhood cats. We know this because not only do they stare at us very murderingly, they also spend a lot of time meowing under our window at any hour, especially 2-6 AM. Our landlord is also a cat, a very passive aggressive calico tabby (yes, I had to google that), who takes being a cat very seriously.

Some things we’ve learned during our one plus year in Taipei:

  • there’s Germans everywhere
  • learning Chinese can be very difficult
  • having a heating system is the best ever! ❤
  • money is expensive
  • public transportation in Taipei is the best ever!
  • spiders can have a wingspan of 100 cm
  • you can never predict what happens next
  • speaking Chinese is the best ever!!!
  • some fruit can taste really bad, like this weirdly named sugar apple (I’m sure it’s some sort of mother nature’s trial fruit).
  • AC is the best ever (and the worst ever when it breaks).

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More of our latest adventures coming up soon, basically as soon as my lazy butt sorts out literally thousands of photos from the past six months.  Also, probably some very disgusting photos of runner’s feet. Stay tuned!


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