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After spending over 3 months here in Taipei, I am happy to say that we are having fun. Although studying the language and trying to find a job is not always super easy (crying, tantrums, annoyance..), most of the time we are very very satisfied with our decision to move here.

I am also very proud to inform you all that I was accepted to a degree program in a university, so it would seem that at least the next two years will be spent here in Taiwan.

As I just finished my spring break, I think it’s more than appropriate to provide you with some insanely pretty photos of some nearby mountains 🙂


IMG_20170402_115751 (2)
Elephant Mountain and our little jungle gym.
IMG_9112 (2)
Teapot Mountain
Teapot Mountain
Our new buddy ❤
IMG_9123 (2)
Teapot Mountain
Testing hand grip…
Enjoying the view.
IMG_20170402_115602 (1)
Jungle gym, ring time!
IMG_20170402_123641 (1)
On top of the 九五峰
IMG_9074 (1)
Aiming higher, as always.

What did you do on your spring break? Did you climb mountains, too? Let us know 🙂

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