The Sun Is Shining and Other Happy Remarks


Nice, it’s raining again. Well, the dry weather lasted a whole week, so guess it was about the time…


It is easy to be negative about things like the weather, but here’s a list of some of the absolutely wonderful things here in Taipei. For visual proof, scroll to the end of this post for photos 🙂

  • People. How could a whole nation be made of such friendly and helpful people? My local cosmetic store cashier very patiently walked me through downloading an app and activating my membership card when I finally found the courage to admit I hadn’t done it yet, although she had told me to. Our regular burger joint’s waitress was pretty cool about me once again forgetting what is onion in Chinese. And of course, the about two dozen people who replied to my ad on Facebook willing to help me practice Chinese. For free ❤
  • Future. We learned we might be able to make one of our big dreams come true here.
  • Food. Once again, finding vegetarian food here is easy and cheap, and the staff in most restaurants seem to understand the concept really well. It’s still a bit confusing when they make sure onion is okay, though.
  • Mandarin. Although still incredibly bad, my Chinese has improved significantly compared to what it was when I came here.
  • Job. The enginerd keeps on getting better and better offers, and once again the headhunters are after him. Just as they should.
  • Coffee. A lot of it. To be exact, I and my friend’s usual place near to our school where a lovely girl named Peggy so professionally makes us cappuccinos nearly every day.
  • Uniqlo. Only the best clothes store in the world. Right after H&M and Decathlon. They still sell Muumi!! (Moomin, if you like.)
  • Public transportation. Ever so cheap, ever so convenient.
  • Weather. Yes, it seems to be raining 96% of the time, and apparently, the typhoon season is coming, too, but when it’s pretty, it’s really pretty. Like, not too hot yet, but really pretty and green already. And yes, they taught us the Chinese word for typhoon at school 🙂
  • Freedom. You can buy alcohol at 4 AM.
  • City landscape. The parks in Taipei are just awesome, and the streets are not too crowded.
  • Nature. Taipei is not only surrounded by New Taipei City but also mountains. A lot of them. A hikers paradise.
  • Attitude. People have a very open and friendly attitude towards foreigners here, plus everyone mostly seems to mind their own business to a healthy degree, not forgetting to help others when needed.
  • Stories. Like when I helped this elderly gentleman to scan his barcode at this registering machine at a hospital laboratory, or all the times I’ve helped a cashier when a client hasn’t spoken any Chinese.
  • Our apartment. Just awesome!

So, this is it what’s going on with us here. How are you today? 🙂


Cherry blossoms
IMG_20170331_202606 (2)
Latest findings at Uniqlo. Muumi/Moomin!
IMG_20170329_132253 (2)
Greetings from home 🙂
At a German restaurant…
Herbs at Jianguo Holiday Flower Market


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