Day 84: Bye Bye Bangkok, Hello Home!

♥♥♥♥♥ It’s been nearly three months since we left Finland at the beginning of September. We’ve been travelling by air, rivers and land, slept in luxury condominiums, cheap hotels, on trains and at one Hilton. We’ve been to mountains, jungle and cities. We’ve encountered snakes, spiders, a ton of roaches and countless cats and dogs….

Day 19: Shanghai Disneyland and The World’s Longest Glass Bridge

On the bus from Hong Kong to mainland China: “Can you see Disneyland Hong Kong from the window?” “I can’t. But should we go there?” “We don’t have the money” “Well, what if we did?” “We don’t.” ” 😦 ” “But what if..” “We don’t” ” 😦  … Isn’t there one in Shanghai?” “Yeah?” “Isn’t…