Road To Self: For some time now, this blog has been on a quest to find interesting, unique and special travel blogs from other Finns. Looking for answers to questions such as what makes them pack their bags again and again, what defines their stories and how do they feel they could encourage other travellers, current or potential, to fulfil their dreams? Recently, I was lucky enough to run into an insanely awesome travel blog by Hanna from filled with stunning photos and stories. And since I and the enginerd are currently chilling in beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand, what would be better than to introduce you a travel industry professional with her heart in Thailand 🙂

Now, let Hanna tell her story, all pictures courtesy of Reachinghot:

Hi all! I’m Hanna and a travel blogger for my site I was born with the travel gene and that is why I’m an eternal dreamer. I have a degree in Tourism Management and turned my passion into a profession. After working in different fields within the industry I decided to start sharing my own tips and thoughts to help others make the most out of their journeys.

Reachinghot 1
Finnish summer is beautiful!

I could say that I’m a part-time traveler because I’m still attached to my 9-5 work in the travel industry. But I love to use my free-time for traveling and in this past year I’ve traveled 7 times in 10 countries and there are more to come!

On my blog, I share tips for easier traveling based on my insight from working within the industry of dreams, my thoughts on various hot topics related to traveling and tourism that I find important to share and my experiences and recommendations from my travels from around the world.

Reachinghot 6
Falling in love with the beautiful villages of Cinque Terre in Italy.

I focus on affordable luxury which means that I can stay in a bungalow with a fan and occasionally taste the luxury of a 4-star hotel. I’m not the typical backpacker who only stays at hostels but I still try to see the world with an affordable budget.

I travel because I want to get to know new cultures and I want to see more and more amazing places that this planet has to offer. I’m interested in people and I try to get to know locals when I travel. I have many friends around the globe and they are also my inspiration to travel.

Reachinghot 4
Me in my element on a beach in Thailand!

I have always been intrigued by traveling. When I was a little girl I used to read travel magazines and travel catalogs by tour operators on my summer holidays. The real bite of the travel bug got me in 2008 when I visited Thailand for the first time with my family and there I decided that this will be the place where I will work in the future. Four years later I found myself working studying tourism and working in Thailand!

I hope by reading my blog and by the content I post on social media you will get inspired to travel and learn new things that will ease your travels!

Reachinghot 8
Writing my blog on a sandy beach in Thailand.

Links to Hanna’s social media:


Instagram: reachinghot

Twitter: @reachinghot

Facebook: Reaching hot

Are you a Finnish travel blogger? Would you like to share your story here and help make dreams come true? Contact us at!

♥Happy travels♥

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  1. Flying Squirrel says:

    I would be interested in reading your thoughts about how sustainable the travelling lifestyle is in today’s world of climate change and urgent need to do something about all the pollution, flights – especially trans-continental ones – being a big issue.


    1. RoadToSelf says:

      This is a really difficult question. Pollution from flights, using a ton of plastic bottles in countries where recycling is not well organised and demanding for imported foods versus people’s need to make a living from tourism. Is it a problem individual tourists could solve or should travelling be more regulated by governments to make it greener?


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