3 Months of Adventure: T-minus 1 day – Itinerary


As we’re leaving tomorrow, we’re proud to finally say that we’ve actually booked some flights and hotel rooms, as well as bought some train tickets 🙂

Hitting the road for 3 months can be a bit nerve wrecking, but considering that although all our stuff should be packed in 4 hours and it isn’t, I can’t exactly say we’ve been putting too much work into our trip. However, between drinking beer and coffee and trying to organise our future life in Helsinki (in a distant future, that is), the enginerd has managed to draw a rough plan for the following months.

  1. Qatar and Doha. We’ll be flying to Doha with Qatar Airways, and using their Discover Qatar programme for a free stay in a hotel for one night to explore the city.
  2. Hong Kong. Being the port to all of Asia, we decided a long time ago to make that our first stop. It’s an incredible island and city, with so much to see and an easy introduction to China.
  3. China. While in China, we’ve got 30 days to spend around the country. Walking a glass bridge, visiting Beijing, taking some long ass train trips and climbing Yellow Mountain are just some of the things we’re planning on doing while there. A tip: use Trip.com app to book stuff in China. A second tip: make sure you’ve got your visa sorted out in time.
  4. Thailand. Beaches, adventure, spiders.
  5. Laos. Villages, adventure, spiders.
  6. Taiwan. Mountains, excellent food, spiders.
  7. Cambodia. A friend joining us, spiders.
  8. Vietnam. Spiders?

As for now, that’s all we know. To be honest, though, we’re very happy to not have too strict of a plan, yet. The best part about travelling for more than a week is the freedom. We’ll get to plan as we go, and that’s truly the best plan there is!


PS: Follow our journey on Instagram, Facebook and here. For questions, contact us at roadtoself.blog at gmail.com!

PPS: Photos, blog posts and Facebook updates will not be too plenty over the next month, as the aforementioned apps tend to not work in China. Stay tuned for some incredible updates once we leave the country, tho 😉


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