Houtung Cat Village aka the Best Day Ever!

Stairway to Heaven.

Okay, unlike usually, this post concentrates just and only on cats ♥ . Those adorable little assholes, who absolutely hate you. Just as much as you love them. Anyway, today we sort of accidentally found a cat village!!!

A cat!

As we were heading to Sandiaoling Falls (三貂嶺瀑布群步道口) (more on that later), I happened to look at Google maps and realised there’s something crazy called Houtung Cat Village (猴硐貓村) only one train station down. So, I suggested we go check it out, because why not? I mean, cats! Kitties! Kittycats! What’s not to love? And we did! OMG!

How to get to the village by train. The village is on the East coast, by the yellow line.

Just a little reminder, as I am very lazy blogger, some of the links in this post will take you to other blogs where there’s more detailed information on the history of the village.

Another cat!!!

So, this village is called Houtong, (猴硐)and you can take the TRA (Taiwan Railway) train there (Yilan Line). There’s no need to book seating, and you can pay with YouYouKa (aka Easy Card). Take the regional train (區間) if you’re not sure which one to take, since they stop at all the stations. Get off at the Houtong Station, and just follow the signs. The whole village operates around cats, so you cannot really miss them.

Loving cats starts from your heart.

Once we walked into the village, it didn’t take us too long see our first cats. And then more. And more. And more. I’ve never sent that many photos and videos to my family on WhatsApp before.

Yes, yes, yes!

The cats are clean, well-kept and very calm. They weren’t like sedated or anything, just very sure of their own adorableness. They would walk to you for strokes, and then just happily stroll away when they were done (not you, never you. You could never get tired being with these heavenly creatures from hell).

Yes, it’s a cat!

There are some rules in the village, noting that there’s actually people living there, and these are not stray cats.  You should never feed them people food (could you live on cat food…?), never be mean to them, only feed them where it is not prohibited, do not use flash, and just love them! Naturally, they recommend against bringing your dog there. Like, duh…

He’s walking the red carpet. So handsome!

If you love animals, love petting zoos and love cats (but hate the regular zoos as much as we do), this is your place. If you are a dog person, worry not, they sell beer!

Also beer.

PS: If you’ve ever wondered what a kitty cat is in Chinese, you will not be disappointed to hear it’s “maomi” (貓咪), like what the actual adorable hell???

PPS: Sorry if this post is even more unedited than usually, it’s because I was in so much hurry to write about this place (insert a cat heart eyes emoji here). And to share these photos.


 PPPS: The engineer was a little less excited, but not much. I mean, cats!

I was being tolerated by this beautiful feline.

PPPPS: There will be more about mountains soon, especially the aforementioned Sandiaolin.

Taking a nap after food.

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