Road To Self: For some time now, we’ve been looking for (read: hanging out on Twitter, Instagram and WordPress Reader) other Finnish travel bloggers. Based on our very non-scientific research on the aforementioned platforms, there seems to be more of us out there and every individual, couple and family seem to have their own method for financing their travels. Some travel on savings, some live on credit cards and some, as we learned from today’s guest bloggers, live on the money they make while travelling.

This time I and the engineer are delighted to introduce another travelling couple, Anne and Toni, authors of FinnsAway. 63 countries, location independent lifestyle and a travel blog full of tips, ideas and  professional services in web design, marketing and branding, just to name a few; their stats are breathtaking. Read their story here and get inspired:

Photo Courtesy of FinnsAway

“Hello there! We are Anne&Toni, nomad travelers and authors of FinnsAway travel and business site. Traveling the world has been our passion for a long time, but our careers in Finland used to limit that down to few-weeks-long holiday trips. We visited nearly 60 countries during 12 years, but always felt that the trips were too short and too busy, packed with running from one must-see destination to another. At some point we started to discuss about the possibility to travel for longer term, and finally decided to cut the chains of ordinary life and quit the 9-to-5 jobs in Finland to be free to travel and work from the road.

In summer 2017 we started our adventure as digital nomads and location independent entrepreneurs.

Photo Courtesy of FinnsAway

When writing this, we have been on the road for half a year, and enjoy every moment! We started with a road trip in Europe, through 14 countries in eastern part of the continent, all the way to Greece. After that, in early 2018, it was time to ditch the car for some time, and continue just with our backpacks, starting from Cyprus. This year we will be traveling mostly in Europe and in Central Asia, and then we should decide whether we head to Latin America or South East Asia next. Or maybe southern Africa? As mentioned, we are backpackers, and also budget-minded travelers. In our blog we share openly all travel costs, and provide tips on how to travel with limited budget.

Photo Courtesy of FinnsAway

During the past months, we have lived in awesome destinations, been hiking and trail running in gorgeous mountain regions and tasted excellent craft beers in different countries, but this new life is not about being on holiday really.

We are also working long hours with our own site and with other projects through our company. Our aim with FinnsAway is to develop the site to useful source of travel information by sharing our experiences and creating travel guides, also about less-traveled destinations. In addition we will write about pros and cons of this phenomena called digital nomadism, since more and more travel-enthusiasts and freedom-seekers are considering location independent life and working abroad.

Welcome to follow FinnsAway journey, and happy travels!”





Photo Courtesy of FinnsAway

Are you a Finn with restless feet and wonderlust? Do you have a travel blog? Would you like to ♥spread the love♥ and inspire others with your story? Write us at We’re in this together, and absolutely loving every moment!


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