Visiting Finland


It’s been two weeks since my last post. Girl needs to rest, but don’t worry, here is the latest news from me and the enginerd 🙂

I visited home this week, to get more drunk more often and to celebrate my dad’s 70th birthday. Here is how it went down:

IMG_20170424_130435 (2)
My baby sister ice fishing.
  • I tested the Taipei Airport MRT. Smooth, effective, cheap, comfortable. From our home in Da’an to Terminal 1, just one hour, and it cost only 160NTD. Most of the comfort came from my husband carrying my luggage, though. And the fact that you could pay with your EasyCard.
  • Since we have Priory Passes, I was able to hang out at the Plaza Premium Lounge at Taoyuan airport. A bit small, food selection pretty limited but free beer and wine!
  • couldn’t board my flight to Hong Kong due to weather conditions, and was moved to a KLM flight from Taipei to Amsterdam. 13 hours. I’m dead.
  • Since our teacher basically confiscated my workbook (oh, you can do your homework when you’re back), I didn’t study nearly as much I was planning to. Oh well…

    Traditional Finnish Easter food, mämmi. Google it, it’s not actually made of poo…
  • I spent way too much money. As I am writing this, I am too scared to check my bank account. While building up the courage to do so, I might go back to this blog post to learn how to save money. I can’t believe how expensive things in Finland are, although we’ve only been gone like five months. We were a bit shocked about how much everything costs in Taipei, but to be honest, not nearly as much as in Finland.
  • Mom, with the help of the family, threw dad a 70th birthday party. You wouldn’t believe how insane an accordion concert can get 😀 Dad was happy, he had had no idea what was going on although mom had been planning the party for over a year, and everyone was able to keep the secret until dad arrived to the venue. Pretty awesome and only time will tell how dad and his new smartphone will get along…
  • I ran. Very slow pace, but crazy enjoyable in the +3 degrees, sunny weather, breathing air which is actually good for your lungs. My longest and best run this year yet.
  • I once again admired the miracle of the internet. Random WhatsApp and Skype calls between Finland, Taiwan and Norway happened many times during the one week I spent at my parents’.
  • Beer.
  • Chocolate.
  • Did I mention beer?
  • I ate so much bread. And cheese.
  • Beer.
  • The enginerd did my check-in to my return flight because I’m lazy.
  • I visited my friend and old (and future) colleague, who was also wonderful enough to pick me up at the Helsinki-Vantaa aiport. Tia ❤
  • I slept. I’ve spent so much studying and worrying about money and future arrangements in Taipei, that I’ve been lacking some sleep. Add jet lag, beer and being worn out because of the long flight, I felt like being under general anesthesia the first 4 days after I arrived to Finland.
  • I bought new clothes. Yes, actual, pretty, grownup clothes. However, I will always be a sports clothes girl. No to heels, yes to comfy ❤
  • I remembered how good Finnish candy is, and ate most of the gifts I bought before even leaving back to Taipei.
  • The enginerd was able to concentrate on his own projects, although he spent a lot of time entertaining my friend who obviously had withdrawal symptoms when I was gone 😉
  • It snowed in Finland. It’s almost May. And I was so happy to be cold instead of constantly sweating.
  • I forgot how old my cousin is. Turns out, she’s not a minor anymore. Hasn’t been for years. Then I and my sisters took her out for a beer.
  • Coffee.
    What I actually wear when not playing a trophy wife…


  • More coffee.
  • I met the largest and cutest German Shepherd puppy ever. To my surprise he seemed to be more confused and scared of me than me of him. Also, after he realized that I and my ponytail taste insanely good, I got covered in dog drool. Never have I been as equally scared and in love as I was when he was licking my face, knee, ankles, and yes, ponytail. Once again I’m a little less scared of big dogs. (PS. Is a one year old doggy still a puppy?)
  • I forgot all the Chinese I know. The first day at class today was horrible, and made me think if it’s very smart to go back to Finland for three months this summer. Well, can’t cancel, love the job I’ll be doing, and will make enough money to comfortably support us til the end of the year, at least. And the language will come back to me once I return here.
  • Did I mention chocolate?
IMG_20170424_130846 (2)
Our neighbor’s cat is so soft ❤


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