Yang Ming Shan

Although we’ve already spent over two months here in Taipei, I managed to see Mt. Yang Ming only last week (technically, my bit hungover butt was semi-forcefully dragged there).  Having just recently met some new friends (here’s how to stop it from happening again), it was a bit scary but super exciting to go spend a day with them.

After a random foot massage (400 NTD for half an hour) we took bus no 15 from the Jiantan MRT station up to the mountain, from where we hiked down to a bus stop, where we got on a bus which took us back to the nearest MRT station. As I was  trying not to vomit due to some insane motion sickness both ways, the actual hike was super refreshing. So, today I’ll keep my story short and let you just take a look at some photos from our hike 🙂


The start.
Insanely beautiful flowers.
It was pretty hazy due to the humidity.
Close to the finishing line.
Place to wait for the bus (except on the other side of the road).

That’s all for today. Have a nice and beautiful weekend where ever you are 🙂

PS: Enjoy this little video of some Taiwanese food. Seriously, this was the one and only time neither of us could finish a dish here…