Bucket Lists

Since we’re having a unique opportunity to have my lovely ex-co-worker brightening up our vacation and keeping us awake if we get drowsy, I decided to interview her a little. We’re mostly talking about travelling here, so I wanted to know about her travel-related bucket list. Although I asked her about it only a couple of days ago, she has been bombing me with random answers so many times now, that no-one really remembers anymore what’s on her list, but here’s a summary of points she and I remember her mentioning:

  1. Visiting all the continents (she’s trying to exclude the South Pole, and although we’re trying to convince her that they actually do organize trips there, she finally said that she doesn’t want to be involved with destroying its nature)
  2. She wants to visit New Zealand (because of the LOTR movies, duh!)
  3. Staying abroad for a bit longer than just visiting (she’s done this one already)
  4. Volunteering in a third world country (done and done)
  5. Learning how to scuba dive (she didn’t believe me when I said all she’d have to do is close her mouth and get under the surface)
  6. Climbing on a mountain (apparently, Mount Everest is too high, but Kilimanjaro, maybe?)
  7. Skydiving (this one she’s already done, good for her 🙂 )
  8. To see a sloth (other than me trying to get something done)
  9. Seeing as many as possible of the new 7 wonders of the world
  10. Seeing as many as possible of the new 7 wonders of nature
  11. Travelling around the world
  12. Hiking in Finnish Lapland
  13. Making enough money for all these
  14. Trying to remember what else she’s mentioned I should put on this list…

(Right now she’s sitting in a lazy chair in our hotel room and making weird noises so I guess I’ll have to stop here and go check up on her..)

Here’s my list:

  1. Running a full marathon (not necessary really a travel related but maybe I’ll run it somewhere else than Finland, so then it’d count.)
  2. Travelling around the world (done and done)
  3. Climbing on Mount Kilimanjaro
  4. Learning Mandarin Chinese (a little bit longer project, but definitely travel related.)
  5. Going back to Iceland
  6. Visiting all the 7 new wonders of the world (3 down, 4 to go.)
  7. Doing yoga in Goa (done and done)
  8. Going back to Goa and getting a yoga instructor certificate

The enginerd has a list partly similar to mine:

  1. Travelling around the world (done and done)
  2. Skydiving (apparently I once promised to go with him, you know, ‘if you jump, I’ll jump too’ type of promise, but we’ll see…)

That’s it for us. What do you have on your list?

Riding a turtle? Done and done! My friend and I exploring wonders of Vietnam.

An edit on 2 November 2018: we’re having this lovely young person joining us for more adventures soon, so stay tuned!

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