Hotel LeLe & Frog, Hanoi, Vietnam


Looking for a beautiful, affordable and comfortable hotel to stay in Hanoi? Try LeLe & Frog. The small boutique hotel offers super pretty rooms, light breakfast and a short walk to the old town.

We paid 35 USD per night in a deluxe room, and it was totally worth it. The staff here was friendly, spoke decent English, and were helpful with all our needs.

If fresh fruit and the best coffee in the world are your thing, please enjoy their breakfast. The eggs are made to your liking, as well as the French toast, while everything else is served as a buffet. Although I was given an omelet with an unfortunate finding of ham in it (which wasn’t mentioned in the menu), I am still very happy with the service.

Check out the video to get a better idea about room 303. Room 703 on the 7th floor has the same layout. These are some the hotel’s deluxe rooms, but the smaller rooms seemed just as nice.

As I was traveling with the enginerd and one other person (my co-nurse from Finland ♥) and they both confirmed that the stay had been really nice, I’d say LeLe & Frog is a great option for someone who wants to avoid big chain hotels. They don’t have a bar, some of the staff spoke a bit… less than perfect English and our bathroom door didn’t close. However, the overall experience was so positive those things didn’t seem to matter.


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