Have yourself a Merry little adventure


Merry Christmas, everyone! Today we are flying from Chennai, India to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. As we take more and more steps on the road to self, we are getting our Christmas present every day. Every day we get to see a little bit more and a bit better what the future holds for us; what is behind the next turn of the road.

Today I will give you a very short text. Instead of a long ass story on how we’ve been eating a ton of street food in Chennai, or how our flight was delayed because someone already on board died ( 😦 ), you’ll get pictures 🙂 Some of them have been published on Instagram or Facebook, but there’s some new ones, too. Please, enjoy them as we continue taking more and more steps on the road. This weekend, if the connection allows, we’ll skype with our families and enjoy Christmas and each other in Kuala Lumpur.


Merchandise for sale in Arambol. This stuff’s everywhere.
This doggy adopted us as his humans for a long walk on the streets of Baga.


Double Tree by Hilton in Arpur.

A little bit of advertising above and below, sorry (I wish I’d get paid for these, TBH..)

Found an awesome place for a massage.
You can find Sarah and her salon here.


Luciano requires all guests wash their feet after coming back from the beach.
Anjuna Night Market.
Anjuna Night Market.

The Anjuna Night Market is worth experiencing. We were told the live music played later at night is truly something spectacular, but we were being grandmas and left before ten. But hey, we had an early morning with meditation and yoga the next day! The night market is open on Saturdays from 6 PM on.

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Cheese and onion dosas in Chennai. 
Anjuna Night Market.


Here is good to stop. We’re finally in Hilton Petaling Jaya, the connection is really bad, and we’re ready to go to bed, after our flight being delayed four hours earlier today. I cannot properly edit the layout of this post, and am too frustrated to add more pictures. (To be fair, it’s more likely my laptop is acting up, rather than the internet here being bad.)

Our plans for tomorrow consist of going to movies, a Christmas Eve dinner at the hotel and some beers. It’s not my first time away from home for Christmas, but for the engineer it is. We’ll do our best to make it special.

We miss every single friend and family member we left behind, and the one who is no longer with us this Christmas (♥Mummo♥). We hope they all, you all, have a perfect Christmas, no matter how or where you celebrate. If you, like us, are not with your family, give someone a hug and find joy in it. We also know not everyone is having their best year or their best Christmas, and our thoughts are with you, too. If you feel like sharing your feelings and stories, send us email or tell you Christmas story in the comments.

Hyvää joulua! Merry Christmas! 圣诞快乐!God jul!


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