Business lounge Gallery in Sheremetyevo airport

After we flew from Helsinki-Vantaa to Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow, our priority was to get into another nice lounge to wait for the departure of our next flight. Waiting in the middle of the night, it is essential you get to hang out in a comfy place and continue the consumption of alcoholic beverages. The airport has several lounges to choose from.We had the Blues lounge in mind, but they let you in only three hours prior to your connecting flight’s departure. Since we couldn’t get in, we headed to the Gallery lounge in terminal D, instead.

The experience started as a pleasant welcome to the airport but shrank down to a panic on my behalf, due to not finding any beer. Soon the enginerd happily walked to the table with one, and told me they were freely available right next to us, exactly where I had been looking for them.

The food served at the lounge was edible, and they seemed to cater to a vegetarian taste, too. I loved the chairs and the atmosphere. Although it was a bit cold and the view over the concrete airport through the ladies’ toilet window was kind of a surprise, I took it as a good omen that the beer bottles had twist caps (the one thing Finland should get from the Americans). The Russian version of the game show Who wants to be a millionaire was playing on the background, creating a strange harmony and cozy feeling.

Later, we got into the Blues lounge, too, since it was closer to our time of departure. Don’t have the clearest of memories on it, but it was comfortable. It is also accessible with Priority Pass.

Very decent beer.

So, get yourself a Priority Pass, get drunk, enjoy! Traveling was a ton more exhausting without the card, although the free beer in many places might cancel the benefits of resting between flights.

The Gallery lounge gets 7/10 free beers from us.

PS: The beer fridge is located right under the pastry cabinet.



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