Testing YouTube embedding


Hi there ♥

We are finally on the road 🙂

We left our hometown last Saturday, visited my parents and are now at the enginerd’s parents’ place. The past week has been super hectic, and naturally I got the flu. So instead of exercising and packing, I’ve spent the last few hours learning how to edit videos on PowerDirector. We’re heading to Goa this weekend, so I need to know the basics…

Now, I’ve published my first ever video on YouTube. It’s not glorious, it’s not pretty, but it’s there and I’m sort of proud of it. The videos will get better, though, I promise!!!

So, here’s a quick guide to embedding YouTube videos on your WordPress blog:

Just copy the link given under the video, paste it on the post you’re editing and hit enter. That’s it. Just as simple as adding Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts to your blog. Have a lovely Thursday, and come back tomorrow to read more on our future plans.

PS: While you’re at it, please subscribe to our YouTube channel to see more (cooler) videos in the future ♥

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