In the end, it’s just a new beginning



We are leaving soon. Writing this, it’s Tuesday, this post should be published on Friday, and there is so much left to do. We’re considering just renting a bulldozer and pushing everything into a huge pile and burning it.


We are not gonna light anything up in an apartment, actually (although a bulldozer would be fun..). Instead, we’re cleaning, washing, sorting, recycling and simply throwing away things.

Puerto Rico

I had my last day at work on Monday, and the enginerd is having his on Friday. When walking home the morning after my final night shift, waiting for the darkness to give space to the dark grey that is daylight this time of the year, I was thinking to myself, are we absolutely insane? I quit the job I loved. We are giving away expensive, useful stuff. We have absolutely no idea what the future holds for us. Then I realized my melancholy could also have been due to the terrible weather. Dark, drizzle, cold but not cold enough to be snowing. At that point I started thinking that hey, in just two weeks we’ll be in Goa, warm, sunny, cheap, easygoing Goa. My blue mood was gone.


Since there’s a huge pile of laundry waiting (where’s that bulldozer???!!) to be washed, and another huge pile of things waiting (bring me a torch!!) to be sorted and taken away, this week’s post will be short. Shorter than my attention span right now. I’m highly caffeinated, very tired and so super excited that all I can do is to channel all this coming-from-nowhere energy into finishing all the tasks we have left. We are building a new beginning, and it won’t happen by itself!

Cleaning powered by caffeine.

PS: When this is published, we should have nothing left but what is being picked up on Saturday by the enginerd’s parents and our backpacks (with some level of beer in our system). Also, we’ll be just one week and a day from getting on a plane and taking off 🙂

PPS: Watch this relaxing video if you’re feeling stressed out 😉

PPPS: Writing this post sctriptum, it’s Friday morning, I’m waiting for the caffeine to kick in and getting ready to go to one more spin class. The enginerd is still in bed, we  have nothing left here but a couple of plastic boxes, said bed, clothes and our bags. We’re tired, happy, excited, nervous. Hopefully drunk soon. We’re leaving this city tomorrow. Next week this time, we’ll be exactly one day from leaving Finland and having a new start. A new beginning.


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