An adventure is the best prize

Nothing comes for free. Although it seems easy for us to just take off, there is actually a lot of hard work behind it. Not all we have to do to see if our dream could become reality is fun or easy. But it’s worth it.

I was offered a permanent position at my dream job, to which I said no. The engineer is quitting his permanent job in the end of November, same time as I am doing my last shifts at the hospital I currently work at. We have not bought an apartment together, we did not get a pet and we have been resisting the urge to travel far more often.

We do not eat at restaurants, and rarely go out drinking. We could afford so much and so many things, if we were not constantly saving. For the last months, we have been occupied with planning, saving, preparing, and everything between, with very little time for family or friends, rest or hobbies.

We are leaving our friends behind, saying goodbye to an amazing group of people we have met in our current hometown. We are leaving our families to miss us and to be missed by us.


But you know, it will be worth it. The world is full of new friends to meet, and the true ones never leave your side, anyway. Jobs come and go, and living a location independent life will have so much more pros than cons that it really is no a sacrifice to give up stability. Home cooking guarantees good quality and healthy food, and sometimes it is more than okay to not get wasted once a week. Consuming less is always an excellent option. And family will always be there, just as we will be there for them.

An adventure is the best prize for hard work. It may require sacrifices, some small, some big, but in the end, it will pay off.

What would you be ready to do in order to fulfill your dream? Let us know in the comment section ♥

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