What’s the plan?

So, it has become the time to finally make some decisions about where, when and how. Ask me if I’m excited! Yes, yes I am and so is the enginerd, who plays a very important role of a ticket buyer in our duo.

So, here’s the plan: We are leaving in early December. We will go to Goa for a couple of weeks to chill and do yoga. The engineer hasn’t had a proper vacation in ages, and last time we went there, we were recovering from the worst case of Delhi belly ever, so not much recreational activities for us then. This time we will follow two rules: No mayonnaise, and, even more important, no mayonnaise. (See other important things we have learned about traveler’s health here and here.) We’ll be princesses and book a hotel before arrival (once again, gasps in shock!), but as many of you know, it is not really necessary. The beaches in Goa are like a huge walk-in store for accommodation, varying from dusty and spider covered “guest rooms” to really nice, albeit small and simple, huts right next to the beach. Just pick a beach, walk down any of the roads and allies, and you’ll get offers for rooms every ten meters.

IMG_6643 (3)
Kuala Lumpur

After Goa we’ll go to Malaysia, and chill in Kuala Lumpur for five days. Another location we’ve been to, yes, but one thing you could add to your list of what good could travelling around the world bring to you, is that that you know so many places you love and want to return to (around the world, yes!). We’ll spend Christmas there, in some luxury (we have the Hilton HHonors card, making thing so much cheaper and easier, let’s talk about it more a bit later). This together with Goa, adds up to some couple of weeks of doing nothing but enjoying ourselves.

What happens after that? Taiwan!! Taipei!! What happens in there? We don’t know! Why? Why not?

Okay, to be honest, some plans about what happens in Taiwan have been made, but them being merely ideas and wishes and goals, we’ll talk about them a bit later. Although putting your dreams into words may help them come true, I personally feel that not all plans should be shout out loud. We want to give them time to grow into actions, and tell you about them when they become reality. However, it is no secret one of our goals is to try and live location independently, and that will very likely require some hits and misses. We will tell you about them later, as well.

Excited much? Yes, yes we are. If you have your plans made, let us know in the comments.

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  1. Brittany says:

    Sounds amazing! I’m sure the food will be excellent 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. RoadToSelf says:

      Thank you! If the food in Taiwan is anything like in China, it’ll definitely be excellent (and beyond) ❤ Do you have any favorite foods around the world or at home? Any suggestions? 😉


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