7 micro projects to work on

We are leaving in the early December for an unknown length of time. Three years earlier, we took off and left for a trip around the world. This time, however, we have NO IDEA, whatsoever, when and if we will come back at all, how long we are going to be gone and where we will spend our future. China, Taiwan, Germany, they all sound way too good.

All this means we have a ton of little side and micro projects at the moment, all in order to make our journey to the unknown (and back) as smooth as possible. Here are the top 7. We will let you know how these projects are progressing later.

  1. Getting medical and dental check-ups. This is important as to avoid expensive medical treatments on the road. Started this over 4 months before take off to ensure everything gets treated.
  2. This blog. With all the social media accounts attached, it has quickly become a half day job for me. However, we want to keep everyone interested updated on what, when and how we need to do in order to fulfill our dream, and hopefully help someone to make their dreams come true. We also wish to let people know what happens on the road.
  3.  The engineer is looking for location independent ways to do business on the road. Not too much to share, yet, but we will keep you updated on how it’s going.
  4. Emptying the flat and giving our extra stuff away. Started this as early as six months before the take off. We are hoping to have all the stuff out before us.
  5. Planning the schedule. Right now we have some rough ideas, like when is my last day at work (November 27 is what I told my boss under slight but firm pressure, after weeks of vague answers to her questions), but we are still indecisive about going to Sanya in Southern China. This also includes buying flight tickets, booking hotels for the first month (the leisure part) and planning the budget.
  6. Saving enough money to secure our future.
  7. Getting fit. I “hired” a personal trainer (my well built and beautiful and effective friend Tuomas Haltsonen) to get me fit and able to carry my bags and avoid injuries on the road. As an exercise enthusiastic, I love that I have someone to work with me until we go. The goal is to get a strong back, a powerful core and look freaking good in the yoga photos our Instagram will be full of when we go to Goa. The engineer is self-sufficient in this.

We would love to hear about your micro projects as well. Let us know in the comment section!

Bonus project: Purchased some Chinese study books last time we visited Beijing. Gotta get back on the language horse!

An update: See how we’re doing now with these projects!

An update #2: How we’re doing with them in early October.

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  1. World traveller by proxy says:

    I personally favour the satellite approach in my planning: I try to send someone to the desired location beforehand and then visit that person, thus saving in accommodation quite nicely. That way my destinations are also usually picked for me. Someone I know moves to an exotic location and lo and behold, there’ll be I knocking the door 😉 Budget and stuff are planned accordingly.


  2. RoadToSelf says:

    Hi! That also sounds a bit like a war strategy, just put in a better use. You will be bringing them candy, right?


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